Distractions [rambling]


If you are me, sometimes (most times) you send a chapter to your editor, and it comes back as a write-off. You are so terrible, there is no way to rectify the problem; you have to rip up the chapter and start again.


That’s fine, it was never going to be an easy road. So you’re halfway through the re-write, and you need a break, so you hit up your favourite Slack group and it so happens people are awake. Hurrah, distraction!



mik 5:07 AM 5am what even are you awake for

luke 5:07 AM Dogs >.>

rigger-fatrick 5:08 AM #@!*%

Some of us are up for work

mik 5:08 AM what do you call  a dog with no legs

anything you like, it can’t catch you

rigger-fatrick 5:09 AM Lol

U dick

luke 5:09 AM It would still wake me up

Deciding whether to sleep or coffee up and stay up

mik 5:11 AM you should press F5

it’s so refreshing

ok i’m done

luke 5:12 AM Phone has no f5

mik 5:12 AM but that was funny, cos you wanted coffee, right

luke 5:12 AM 😦

mik 5:12 AM boo ;(

rigger-fatrick 5:12 AM Lol


mik 5:13 AM I’m here all day

luke 5:13 AM Useless

rigger-fatrick 5:13 AM Thats because u bum

mik 5:14 AM i actually have a lot of jokes about unemployed people

but none of them work

rigger-fatrick 5:14 AM    …..

mik 5:14 AM oh god, laughing at myself now, ok, i’ll stop

rigger-fatrick 5:20 AM God i so dont want to work

I need sleep

mik 5:26 AM i’m so good at sleeping, i can do it with my eyes closed

mik 5:31 AM …and all the crowd has left the building

i’ll get my coat, show myself out




Well, twenty minutes is enough of a break anyway. I am perhaps worse at being a comedian than I am at being a writer, that’s something I guess. Chasing everyone offline almost immediately is probably a good reason to stick to something else.


Back to writing then!





How does one blog? [rambling]

I confess, I’m not one who reads a lot of blogs. I know that bloggers are a thing, and I understand that people use blogging to maintain networks with people, too, but past that well–

I’m just sort of winging it here. I really have no idea what I’m doing. I think I’m ok with that though.

So where to start?

I’m wary that once something is on the internet, it can be hard for it to disappear again. But then again I didn’t start a blog with an aim to create some sort of false mask, or grand cover-up, of what a complete hack I am in the area.

So there is that at least. There is no worry of what I create and publish here, as I suppose my aim is to show the journey of a person changing careers, starting to blog and learning how to write – to eventually publish a novel. And what I want to show people is precisely that. Can it be precisely that? Well. How should I know, I’m no blogger, I have no idea how this is supposed to pan out.

Did I do it right?

Yeah, I have no idea either.

Until next time.