Novel – 90% complete – WIP

I’m currently writing two novels: Juri and Ketan’s Gambit. One is based in a science-fiction world of lasers and spaceships, the other is in the fantasy genre with all that good stuff of swordfights and sorcery.

I know I know… I basically can’t pick which I prefer and should really pick one or the other. But I can’t, so I’ll just write both. Currently the WIP is based off of my fantasy novel, as this is what I’m working on the most.

What have people said during beta-reads and on peer review sites about my work?

Why, thank you for asking.

“I don’t usually read science fiction but your introduction sounded intriguing so decided to review it. I thought this was an excellent piece of writing…very thought-provoking in the first chapter…exciting in the second. As I am not one of those people who moan when there are more than one perspectives in the first 7,000 words of a book, I will also say I enjoyed it.”

“Lots to admire in this work, the writing is vivid and interesting.”

“I did enjoy what was a well crafted and genuinely thought-provoking piece and marked accordingly. I wish you well with this.”

Ah the feels.

And when will anything be out?

Ages. Sorry.