Distractions [rambling]


If you are me, sometimes (most times) you send a chapter to your editor, and it comes back as a write-off. You are so terrible, there is no way to rectify the problem; you have to rip up the chapter and start again.


That’s fine, it was never going to be an easy road. So you’re halfway through the re-write, and you need a break, so you hit up your favourite Slack group and it so happens people are awake. Hurrah, distraction!



mik 5:07 AM 5am what even are you awake for

luke 5:07 AM Dogs >.>

rigger-fatrick 5:08 AM #@!*%

Some of us are up for work

mik 5:08 AM what do you call  a dog with no legs

anything you like, it can’t catch you

rigger-fatrick 5:09 AM Lol

U dick

luke 5:09 AM It would still wake me up

Deciding whether to sleep or coffee up and stay up

mik 5:11 AM you should press F5

it’s so refreshing

ok i’m done

luke 5:12 AM Phone has no f5

mik 5:12 AM but that was funny, cos you wanted coffee, right

luke 5:12 AM 😦

mik 5:12 AM boo ;(

rigger-fatrick 5:12 AM Lol


mik 5:13 AM I’m here all day

luke 5:13 AM Useless

rigger-fatrick 5:13 AM Thats because u bum

mik 5:14 AM i actually have a lot of jokes about unemployed people

but none of them work

rigger-fatrick 5:14 AM    …..

mik 5:14 AM oh god, laughing at myself now, ok, i’ll stop

rigger-fatrick 5:20 AM God i so dont want to work

I need sleep

mik 5:26 AM i’m so good at sleeping, i can do it with my eyes closed

mik 5:31 AM …and all the crowd has left the building

i’ll get my coat, show myself out




Well, twenty minutes is enough of a break anyway. I am perhaps worse at being a comedian than I am at being a writer, that’s something I guess. Chasing everyone offline almost immediately is probably a good reason to stick to something else.


Back to writing then!




4 thoughts on “Distractions [rambling]

  1. This is absolutely hilarious!
    Also, I must ask, when you finish writing, does your editor go through it with you chapter by chapter? That’s actually very helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I send johnny chapters as I finish them, and by the time he is done with what I’ve sent, I usually have more to send. It works really well because if there is something amiss, I don’t compound it by continuation!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I was just thinking that is incredibly helpful! It would definitely allow me to get more writing done if I know someone’s waiting to read it.


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